Welcome to the Gang! What is Mommy Gang?

Mommy Gang is a brand that represents Mothers supporting other Mothers in hopes to stop mom shaming. Having support makes Motherhood easier!

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  • Alexis Hunt - Owner

    Mommy Testimony

    In 2019 my dream of being a mother became my reality! During my pregnancy I immediately knew it was important to build my mom village outside of my family. I connected with two of my friends who were also new mothers and we began a group chat. As months went by, I had no idea how beneficial it was to have them by my side. From venting about our spouses, crying about our body changes or even for mommy hacks at 5 o'clock in the morning. They could relate to me, not judge me and support me! I knew this was a village every mom needed! I truly believe my community helped us get through the baby blues. So I decided to promote this sisterhood to encourage other moms to build their GANG!

    - Alexis Hunt (Founder)

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